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New Mexico State University

Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Education

New York City Biking PSAs for safety from BikingRules and Transportation Alternatives

Pick one and view.  Safe bicycling.

Bike Safe Bike Smart - NHTA Video - You Tube

Bike Safe. Bike Smart - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2004 - Video VH-655 - This entertaining, yet instructional, bicycle safety video uses a visually stimulating, peer-to-peer approach to teach elementary and middle school age audiences how to bike safely. Viewers will learn essential information about the rules of the road, signaling, riding at night, safe riding practices, and risky behaviors that they should avoid.  Tips for purchasing and correctly fitting a bicycle helmet are also included.




Bells Rule (Ring It) - BikingRulesPSA1 - You Tube






Thank you for ringing your bell

























ARMS (signal) -BikingRulesPSA- You Tube