Education for Bicyclists – Giving people of all ages and abilities the skills and confidence to ride

  • NMSU Safety Tips for Bicycle Safety
    -Always inspect your bike to make sure that it is safe to ride before you go out.
    -Obey all signs and traffic laws.
    -Wear a helmet when you ride, because it can really make a difference if you ever get into an accident.
    -If you ride at night use the proper front and rear lighting as well as light reflective clothing so you can see and be seen.
    -When riding in congested areas use appropriate hand signals for left, right & stop, to indicate to others what you are doing.
    -Ride your bike like you would drive a car on a road. Ride with the flow of traffic and stay in your lane.
    -Be very attentive of your surroundings. Just because you see a driver that does not mean that the driver sees you.