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Bike Safe and Smart – Public Safety Announcement (PSA) Videos



Bicycle “How To’s Videos”


Cyclist Tips from NMDOT Guide (link here)


CYCLING SAFETY TIPS [Video Guides from the League of American Bicyclists]





NMSU Safety Tips for Bicycle Safety

  1. -Always inspect your bike to make sure that it is safe to ride before you go out.
  2. -Obey all signs and traffic laws.
  3. -Wear a helmet when you ride, because it can really make a difference if you ever get into an accident.
  4. -If you ride at night use the proper front and rear lighting as well as light reflective clothing so you can see and be seen.
  5. -When riding in congested areas use appropriate hand signals for left, right & stop, to indicate to others what you are doing.
  6. -Ride your bike like you would drive a car on a road. Ride with the flow of traffic and stay in your lane.
  7. -Be very attentive of your surroundings. Just because you see a driver that does not mean that the driver sees you.
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Bike Repairs on campus:

  1. if you need to inflate your tires, adjust the seat, or make small repairs, visit one of four Bicycle Repair Stations across the campus.  Each of these has a bike stand with bike wrenches as well as a heavy duty air pump.  These stations are located at 1. Corbett Center (west side), 2. Zuhl Library (by McFie Circle). 3. Aggie Express Store (Williams and Standley Dr.), and 4. Hernandez Hall at  Frenger Mall.
  2. Stay safe and enjoy your rides. Visit for more about the Essential Elements of a Bicycle Friendly America.
  3. Other bicycling resources, local bike organizations, long term improvements etc. (list compiled by Velo Cruces Bike Club)