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Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety


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  • NM laws on texting & cellular use while driving


Bicycle Security

  • Bicycle Security & Theft Prevention (expert advice)

Suggestions on locking your bike,
on bicycle security, and
on bicycle locks


Smart way to lock up your bike (SF Bicycle Coalition)

Bicycle Security (League of American Bicyclists)

NMSU Bicycle security, highway rules & pedestrian safety (NMSU Police website)







Lock-Up Know-How (Ride-On Sports, Las Cruces)

YouTube: How to properly lockup a bicycle (Howdini)

YouTube: How to Properly Lock Your Bicycle With a Bike Lock (Street Films NYC)

YouTube: How to properly lock your bike (London, UK)

Dos and Don'ts for bike security (LAPD brochure, p.2)


Vendor Recommendations (REI video)

Testing: Best Bike Locks (Gizmodo video)

Lock set selection (Ride-On Sports)


SmartLock   BikeCuff    

Worst locked bikes: YouTube (Hals Best)




REI Bicycle Security Video












  • 2012 Traffic Citations by NMSU Police

EH&S reviewed the campus citation issued to bicyclists for traffic violations during the summer and fall 2012.  For the period May 1 to Nov 28, 2012, the NMSU Police issued 409 citations for vehicle & traffic violations.  Of these, 64 (16%) were for bicycle-related  violations. 

However, of the 409 motor vehicle violations, 144 were not applicable to bicyclists (e.g. insurance, plates, etc), leaving 245 applicable citations. So the 64 bicycle-related citations made up 24% of the 265 applicable citations.

Common Bicycle Citation: The highest single total for the period were 118 citations for failure to heed stop signs and traffic signals, of which 42% (50 incidences) were bicyclist-related.

Common Location: Of the bicycle citations, twenty-three (46%) occurred at the intersection of Williams and Steward.

Also 73% (11 of 15) of the cites for traveling the wrong way on a one way street (or wrong side of the road) were by bicyclists.  Of these wrong-way riders, the majority (72%) were equally divided as occurring on Horseshoe Drive and Steward Street.




In 2002, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) awarded a grant to MassBike to develop a national program to educate police departments about laws relating to bicyclists.  Here are links to the MassBike website, program materials & instructor guide and videos   Right click or ctrl click (mac) and select “save target as” or “save link as” to download any of these files.

- MassBike website is

 - Presentation (27 mb PowerPoint, without links to videos)

 - Reference Guide (pdf) including data on car-bike crashes and traffic laws Instructor materials

- Video clips are on the MassBike website and on UTube at


A training video for Chicago Police Officers created in partnership between the Chicago Police Department & The Chicago Department of Transportation. Linkat


NM Traffic Regulations related to bicycle use, pedestrians, & equestrians

  • 2012_1102 New Las Cruces Bicycle Ordinance passes City Council

bicycle ordinance 3 ft pass rule

On Nov 11, 2012 Las Cruces changed and passed new bicycle ordinance to improve their bicycle friendly status.  The change is in part based on 2011 recommendations from Leaque of American Bicyclist for updates and to make stronger connections between bicycling community and law enforcement.   The ordinance will take effect on January 1, 2013.

Highlights of the attached draft of recommendations include:

1) Simpler, clearer language;
2) Definitions for"electrical-assisted bicycle," "pedicab," and "vulnerable user of a public way";

crosswalk for pedestrians

3) Prohibits parking in bicycle lane and multi-use path;
4) Requires minimum distance for passing bicyclist &  Prohibits threats to vulnerable user;
5) Clarifies allowable sidewalk riding & bicycles in crosswalk;
6) Eliminates mandatory bicycle registration;
7) Language on  impaired bicyclists;
8) Updated hand signal laws; and

bicycle hand signals

9) Language matching New Mexico's helmet laws


Adoption process & details for New Bicycle Ordinance.

New Bicycle Ordinance Rules.


  • NM laws on texting & cellular use while driving

NM Drivers Manual
  • Bicycles defined in the New Mexico Drivers Manual

"Bicycles are Vehicles" in NM MVD Driver Manual (p.25 (28)) at

This manual is also on the NM MVD Gov website at


Local copy of p25 of NM Driver Manual




NM Statutes
Image of book of NM Statutes.
NMSA: Statutes Annotated
  • New Mexico Statutes Annotated (NMSA) and NM Adminstrative Code (NMAC) applicable to bicyclists, pedestrians, & equestrians






Sharrows Symbol
Image of sharrow

“Sharrows” are “shared lane pavement markings.” They are painted on the pavement when a road is too narrow for side-by-side road sharing with slower vehicles.  They indicate that bicyclists are encouraged to take the whole travel lane and that motorists shall yield to the bicyclist as needed.  For news about sharrows markings added to campus streets see


As a motorist, what should I do in the presence of sharrows?

• Slow down and yield to bicyclists in the roadway.
• Pass bicyclists only when the roadway width allows bicyclists to move to the right.
• Try to give bicyclists at least five feet of clearance when passing.  [Note that the Las Cruces Ordinances requires a minimum of 3 feet separation for cars/small trucks (6 feet for larger trucks) when passing a bicyclist on city streets.]



Sharrows Road Marking
Image of sharrow road markings.

As a bicyclist, what should I do in the presence of sharrows?

• As a bicyclist, you may ride on the center of the sharrow.
• Keep a safe distance from the “door zone” of parked cars.
• Move right to let vehicles pass when it is safe to do so.


A video for bicyclists on 'Lane Positioning' from the League of Americian Bicyclist is at

“Cyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles.”