Review of I-25 at University Ave. NMDOT project

Proposed Interstate25 at University Ave improvement project

Proposed I-25 at University Ave improvement project

The Interstate25 NMDOT improvement project for the University Ave overpass will affect the north & east sides of the NMSU campus for 2019 through early 2021.  Images of the existing condition and proposed changes are provided at the right and below. The project details are available at: HTTP://WWW.I25-UNIVERSITY.COM/  Per the project website, the construction is to include:

  1. A new University Avenue Bridge over I-25;
  2. A Triviz underpass of University Avenue
  3. Continuation of Triviz Trails to connect to NMSU Trails
  4. A new exit ramp from southbound I-25 directly to NMSU beneath University Avenue
  5. Two roundabouts merging traffic on both sides of University/Triviz underpass
  6. A new entrance ramp from NMSU to I-25 southbound
  7. Improvements on University Avenue from Triviz to Las Alturas to accommodate pedestrians and bicycles.

The project has been in proposed for several years and final designs are expected to be available in August from Mozen Corbin  (

A video of the June 19, 2018 meeting, 2nd public review, is at   This video is to be rebroadcast on the City Channel, Comcast 20, every Monday’s at 7pm and Tuesdays at 1pm thru August 2018. A video of the 1st public meeting in Sept 2017 at

In the June 19 meeting, concerns were noted regarding traffic, bicycling and pedestrian safety, and connectivity to NMSU during as the two year project.

The final design is due in August 2018, bid documents are set to be issued in October 2018, with a construction start in early 2019. Completion will be by fall of 2020 if all goes as planned.

The NMDOT Public Information Officer is Ami Evans, Deming, NM 88030 ( 575-640-5981  The local Molzen Corbin Consultant Project Manager is Wyatt D. Kartchner (, at the 1155 Commerce Drive, Las Cruces office.





Aerial view of University Ave at I-25

Current aerial view of University Ave at I-25


Detailed view of I-25 at Univ. Ave project

Detailed view of I-25 at Univ. Ave project


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