What Are Sharrows?

Sharrows are shared lane pavement markings. They are painted on the pavement when a road is too narrow for side-by-side road sharing with slower vehicles. They indicate that bicyclists are encouraged to take the whole travel lane and that motorists shall yield to the bicyclist as needed.

What Do I Do As A Motorist?

  • Slow down and yield to bicyclists in the roadway.
  • Pass bicyclists only when the roadway width allows bicyclists to move to the right.
  • Try to give bicyclists at least five feet of clearance when passing. Please note that the Las Cruces Ordinance requires a minimum of 3 feet separation for cars/small trucks and 6 feet for larger trucks when passing a bicyclist on city streets.

What Do I Do As A Bicyclist?bicycle-safety-sharrows-road marking

  • As a bicyclist, you may ride on the center of the sharrow.
  • Keep a safe distance from the “door zone” of parked cars.
  • Move right to let vehicles pass when it is safe to do so.