Evaluation & Planning – Planning for bicycling & walking as safe and viable transportation options

 Safety & Usage Evaluations & Surveys

  1. IMall at Corbett

  2. North Horseshoe at Espina




Campus Bicycle Facilities




                  Rack usage evaluation (image below) 





  • Adding bicycle repair stations (bike tire pump, bike stand and wrenches – see photo)

            Locations (page link with maps and coordinates)

             #1. Corbett Hall, west side;

             #2. Williams Ave at Standley Dr. near Aggie Express;

             #3. McFee Circle by Zuhl Library (SW side); and

             #4. Frenger Mall at Hernandez Hall






  • Installing flashing speed signage (to improve ped safety)

              1. Stewart Ave by Pinion Hall;

              2. Stewart Ave. by Equestrian Center;

              3. Wells Ave. in South Housing; and

              4. Wells Ave. by Intermural Field



  • Installing additional bike and cart lanes (Stewart Ave; Espina Street; Arrowhead Ave )






  • Adding Sharrows and share the road signage (Locust, Williams and Espina Streets)






  • Installation of lights at pedestrian crossings (Alamogordo campus and University Ave)

(Photo at right)







More Routes and Maps

Local & Campus Bus Info – Las Cruces RoadRunner Transit (Bus System)  Feb 26, 2011  (posting)