Bike Suitability Map for NMSU

The map (at right) is the preliminary 2018 bicycling suitability map for the NMSU main campus.


It has been updated from the MPO (Metropolian Planning Organization) 2016 map for the Mesilla Valley (MPO source map).


The campus map is based on the same bicycling suitability ranking analysis method (as the MPO map) and includes adjustments for details overlooked on the MPO map. These include:

      1. low traffic counts on campus streets (below 7500 vehicles daily);
      2. mostly local streets (not collectors or arterials streets);
      3. lower vehicle speed
        • 25mph in central & congested areas,
        • 15mph in parking & housing areas;
      4. existing 5ft bike lanes on three main campus streets
        • Stewart Street,
        • Wells Street,
        • College Avenue
        • Arrowhead Drive;
      5. sharrow designation symbols & signs on intra-campus streets
        • Williams Street,
        • Locust Street,
        • Research Avenue
        • Standley Drive;
      6. existing multi-use paths and designed bike lanes on International & Frenger Mall;
      7. recent bike facility upgrades


      Bicyclists are advised to avoid the least suitable campus streets, Cholla, Triviz (soon to be revised), and Arrowhead between Stewart and Triviz.

    1. Stewart Street should be avoided during high campus use, e.g. class changes, due to heavy vehicle congestion.
    2. However, the 2018 revised campus map shows most campus streets and areas are suitable for bicycling. In addition the campus has ample bicycle parking and currently four bicycle fix-it stations