NMSU Fix-It Repair Station Map

NMSU Bicycle Repair Stations

  1. How to use a NMSU FIX-IT station to maintain your bike (video);  BFU added four campus stations (PSU video);
  2. Dero Fix-It: Why & How video;
  3. NMSU full-service Bike Shop (location & hours);


Fix-It Station Locations

Campus Station #1 (2015). west side of Corbett Center, 32°16’58.2″N 106°44’54.9″W – Breland Ave.

– Google location map link is https://goo.gl/maps/tGLiTJ44x1E2







Campus Station #2 (2016). southwest of Aggie Express, 32°16’23.9″N 106°44’57.3″W – corner of Williams Ave and Standley Drive.

– Google location map link is https://goo.gl/fYw36x







Campus Station #3 (2017). Located southwest of Zuhl Library next to McFie Circle Pedestrian Mall

– Google location map link is https://goo.gl/maps/EPc1YxCkGwj







Campus Station #4 (2017). Located on Frenger Mall at Hernandez Hall. Station contains bike tire pump, bike stand and wrenches.

– Google location map link is  https://goo.gl/cDbkfV






Large View –